So as of late, there has not been any shortage of strange events that seem to be adding up to something big around the corner. So we took all of the most significant events and you can add earth changes to this list, but they are happening pretty much every day.

Towards the end of the article you will find the map that we created, which attempts to connect the dots to the massive puzzle we are trying to put together for the public. Download this image, we do not know if our website will be attacked after this article.

When looking at this map, of recent events, it makes us believe that we are looking at a martial law scenario very soon. We  do not know the exact date, but if we had to guess a time frame it would be between November the 28th  – January 14 2014.

Keep in mind, this is strictly our opinion based on the facts, so that is not a 100% true time line. This is just simply our opinion based upon some of the recent news articles, and strange events. Let’s look into this deeper shall we….

American Meteor Society Stops Getting Meteor Reports


On October the 12th – 13th the american meteor society stops reporting fireballs on their website. Keep in mind, is still showing significant fireballs coming into our atmosphere on earth.

We are not sure if people are just not seeing as many or what exactly is going on, but there is in fact, many meteors entering into our atmosphere indeed. Keep in mind September was the biggest month for fireballs the world has ever seen, in terms of fireballs reports.

Is there a giant cover up going on right now, or have people just stop seeing as many in the skies? Is Shut Down


With all of the celestial events, taking place why would shut down all of the sudden? From the looks of things October 1st was a very important date, more on that in a moment.

Record Breaking Fireballs Reported For 2013


The rapid increase in fireballs signals that we have obviously entered into a portion of space with rock debris hitting the planet earth.

Epic Earth Changes Continue


Image source:
Image source:


The above image reveals a new island which was formed after the devastating 7.7 earthquake in Pakistan which killed over 500 people.

Train derailments continue, as just recently there where two strange train derailments in less than 24 hours of time. Extreme weather events continue to wreak havoc in places such as South Dakota, with 10’s of thousands of cattle dying from unusual weather events.

Water main breaks also continue to wreak havoc, as geysers burst out of the ground with no explanation in some cases what happened. Strange gas explosions where neighbors look outside and see a home burst into flames, with no explanation as to what occurred.

Volcanic eruptions have continued, as it seems like everyday there is an ash plume coming out of a volcano. A massive cyclone has affected India, just look at the coverage in the video below:


Map Of Recent Events

Please click the link below the image for a full viewing of this map, which is a timeline of recent events that we believe could be the build up to a combined disaster.  


Direct link to the image:

U.N Peace Keepers  Complete Training Oct 1st, 2013 – So we have foreign troops that completed their training on  October the 1st 2013, which was part of the Fema Region 3 alert given by Senator Sheldon R. Songstad of South Dakota State.

Source article:

CDC Ordes $11 Million In Antibiotics  By October 1st, 2013 – This was also discussed in the article source just above.

Government Shutdown – It’s very interesting how many things took place at once in October, with another significant event in mere days on October the 17th 2013. Which is the debt ceiling that will have to be raised in order for the United States government to not go into default.

Air Force Shuts Down Space Fence – With so many things going on space with comet lovejoy, ison, and meteor events, why would the air force shut down their important program?


Ebt Benefits Glitch – Very strange, is this a test to see what the people when do when the already struggling ebt program is no longer around? This is a very real possibility, and a reality that many will soon have to deal with. The good news is that there are simple to grow plants such as different sprouts that you can grow for food in a short amount time.


Comet Ison’s Closest Position To The Sun On Nov 28th, 2013 – Would this be the event that causes a potential X class flare that knocks out the power grid, sending the world into darkness? Nobody knows for sure, but the sun spot activity has picked up as of late, with a recent earth facing sunspot.


On the 13th of October 2013 we have an M1 class solar flare and earth directed CME.


Gridex Power Outage Drill November 13-14 – In our humble opinion this might have something to do with the approach of comet ison. As professor James Mccanney has stated, sun diving comets have an affect on our sun, and this comet will be very close to the sun as it reaches Perihelion (closest approach to the sun).

Pentagon Spends $5 Billion On Ammo – Around the same time the pentagon spends $5 billion on weapons, the USPS reported defaulting on a $5 billion dollar retiree benefit. Was there a conspiracy here? Was retiree money given for weapons? nobody knows for sure.

With all that being said, that is a lot of money for weapons, with so much talk of financial defaults in the news where did the pentagon get the money to pay for those weapons purchases?

Bob Fletcher States On Alex Jones That Marshal Law Will Be In Affect Before Planet X


Yes friends, there is without a doubt something big about to happen, all measures should be taken at this point to prepare, food stamps will not be around for long, and neither will paper money as things continue to worsen, and financially break down.

Sprouting, family farming, knitting, art, music, and self sustaining solar power will be the current and the future. Share this article with a friend, and stay tuned for updates, as things are getting more than interesting.



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