A 3.9 earthquake rattled portions of northeast Arkansas, as the earthquake shook the region shortly after 4:00 p.m. There were no immediate reports of damages or injuries in

the area. There was another 2.1 magnitude earthquake that took place on Saturday near Clinton. An additional 1.9 magnitude earthquake hit the Greers Ferry.


source: google images, google maps
source: google images, google maps

Looking at a side by side comparison of where these earthquakes have taken place, you can clearly see that these earthquakes have taken place in the area of the New Madrid Fault zone.

Once again, it’s a good idea to have your preparations made, as most people have car insurance, but they do not have food insurance, and other item that you will need if the New Madrid fault zone is does slip and cause a massive earthquake.

Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes according to the live feed:

M Location
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Lat Lon D
5.1 189km E of Dili, East Timor 8.490°S 127.294°E 34.8

Live Update: Argentina has just been hit with a large earthquake measuring 4.9 in magnitude. There are currently no reports of damages of loss of life.

Volcanic Activity

The 5th paroxysm occurred 2 days after the preceding one, and was exceptionally violent, with very tall lava fountains from the New South East crater. Turi Caggegi took the following video of erupting during its peak phase. The following is a video that was taken yesterday at the Etna Volcano.


Sinkhole Causes Problems In Alpine


In the alpine area, a sinkhole continues to cause problems for many of the merchants and residents, where a boil water order remains in effect to protect public health. It may be up to 72 hours before the problem will be resolved.

 There is A 99% Chance That Planet X Is Real 


Tons of great information to research further in this video, and one can’t deny the dramatic earth changes that are taking place today. The video concludes that the only way to be 100% sure that planet x is real is if you actually see planet x. We have seen images of planet X  before on S.o.h.o such as the images below:


Here is another image of the mysterious planet X showing up on S.o.h.o as the winged globe, could this be what ancient tales of planet x where seeing in the sky?

winged glob


The existence of planet x will continue to be debated, but as stated before, it is a definite possibility that planet x could exist with over 9 meteors seen in the skies as of late, earthquakes in abnormal areas across the world, volcanoes such as mount Etna erupting and shooting ash plumes thousands of feet into the sky, sinkholes swallowing buildings and farms, and extreme weather events that are becoming more frequent and more violent.

What We Can Prove About Planet X

Planet X Articles – We can prove that there was a long list of articles that mentioned the existence of planet X in our solar system dating back to the 80’s and then all of a sudden reports stopped coming out about it (click here to read these long list of articles about planet X).

Earth Changes – By now, most people who follow earth change headlines understand that we are currently experiencing increased earthquakes, flooding, volcanoes, sinkholes, landslides, extreme weather, mass animal deaths from what looks to be methane pockets opening on earth, something repelling the magnetic field.

Ancient Tales – One of websites that covers planet X research is over at and here are a few quotes from ancient Egypt manuscripts about “The Destroyer”:

“Manuscripts 3:6 
The people will scatter in madness. They will hear the trumpet and battle-cry of the DESTROYER and will seek refuge within dens in the Earth. Terror will eat away their hearts, and their courage will flow from them like water from a broken pitcher. They will be eaten up in the flames of wrath and consumed by the breath of the DESTROYER.”

“Manuscripts 33:5 
… FOUR TIMES THE STARS HAVE MOVED TO NEW POSITIONS and twice the sun has changed the direction of his journey. TWICE THE DESTROYER HAS STRUCK EARTH. 
(Earth passes through the thick part it’s tail)” –

What’s incredible about these ancient tales is that they are very descriptive in their writings, which is almost as if they were describing something that they have been through or learned about at that time.  The Kolbrin bible is another ancient text that speaks of the Destroyer:

“At the time of the great destruction of Earth, God caused a dragon from out of Heaven to come and encompassher about. The dragon was frightful to behold, it lashed its tail, it breathed out fire and hot coals, and a great catastrophe was inflicted upon mankind. 

The body of the dragon was wreathed in a cold bright light and beneath, on the belly, was a ruddy hued glow, while behind it trailed a flowing tail of smoke. It spewed outcinders and hot stones and its breath was foul and stenchful, poisoning the nostrils of men.

 Its passage caused great thunderings and lightnings to rend the thick darkened sky, all Heaven and Earth being made hot. The seas were loosened from their cradles and rose up, pouring across the land. There was an awful, shrilling trumpeting which outpowered even the howling of the unleashed winds.Men, stricken with terror, went mad at the awful sight in the Heavens.

 They were loosed from their senses anddashed about, crazed, not knowing what they did. The breath was sucked from their bodies and they were burntwith a strange ash.”

Preparation By Those In Power Positions – The Denver airport is home to underground bunkers with fully functioning facilities in the altitude of the Denver mountains in the USA. Why would there be a need to build an airport at such high altitude and cover the top of it with Kevlar, which is one of the strongest materials known to man. And another question, why elevate the airport so high above sea level?

The Missouri Ozarks is another location where underground facilities exist that we know of, and as says:

Although referred to as the Ozark Mountains, the region is actually a high and deeply dissected plateau. Geologically, the area is a broad dome around the Saint Francois Mountains. The Ozark Highlands area, covering nearly 47,000 square miles (122,000 km2), is by far the most extensive mountainous region between the Appalachians and the Rocky Mountains.

  Why would fully functional underground bases need to be built in such high elevation areas of the United States?  On top of the underground facilities you also have the Department of homeland security buying hundreds of millions of hallow point bullets, once again we ask why?

There is also the global seed bank in Antarctica:

The vault, which will provide a Noah’s Ark of food if there’s a global catastrophe, has been carved into the permafrost of a remote Arctic mountain, just 1000 kilometres from the north pole.

It can hold up to 4.5 million batches of seeds from all known varieties of the planet’s main food crops.

This will make it possible to re-establish plants if they disappear from their natural environment or are obliterated by major disasters. –

Once again, why the need for this global seed bank Ark if everything is going to be okay for the food supply in the near future?

These are all questions and points that we want to bring out to our readers, because the evidence is quite overwhelming, but please take the time to go over this if you need confirmation that planet X could potentially be very real, and click on some of the links in this article so you can understand what is going on if you are un-aware.

A Time To Be Help Those Around You

It is sad to see families break apart due to a job loss, or falling out, as the economic times continue to worsen we will all need to rely on our neighbors for help and support.

Of course we have to all have a part in helping one another by producing information, food, water, and shelter if things get even worse.

Even if there is no planetary body that tries to tug on the earth and cause disaster, try to think about how you can help those around you as we move forward into 2014.

Becoming selfish and greedy will not do mankind any good as conditions around us all deteriorate for reasons we can and cannot control. Humanity is beginning to realize what it means to live, and not exist in a cubicles, and that means going back to basics. The Occupy Wall Street movement is a sign of the times, as corporate greed has run its course, and freedom is the message of the hour in most movements we see today.

It is vital that we all keep our freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, and free media outlets such as the internet, as this is the last standing voice of our free world.

Share this article with a friend, and we hope all of our readers are taking preventive measures to help survive any hard times that may be ahead.


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