In the first part of  the planet x puzzle we noted the evidence that is mounting for the existence of planet x, and why there is a very good chance it could be making its move at this very moment.

In the this article we will paint a picture, it is up to you to determine what this picture could potentially mean. There are all types of events that are taking place on our planet, some distractions, and some that are more important than others.


united nations security council mural, mural, u.n, united nations

The above image is the United Nations Security Council Mural, you can view more images of the mural by clicking the link here: Link. The above image was taken from the following YouTube video at the 6:30 time frame :


The creator of this video has noted that in the mural a phoenix is rising, with the old phoenix dying, and the individuals in the mural are looking up at something in space. We found this interesting, as planet x or some type of calamity from space causing chaos and destruction, as we have witnessed at the infamous Denver “New World” Airport.

denver airport conspiracy


airport, denver


Who, or what is the Denver “New World Airport Commission”? According to anonymous answer on

The New World Airport Commission was a group of local businesses that organized the opening ceremonies of the Denver Airport, and they chose the name because Denver was aiming to create a “new, world-class” city and airport. –

If this is the case, why doesn’t the gray mound say “New World Class Airport Commission”? This is why wide speculation about the airport continues, even up until this day. New construction is still ongoing, and the original construction went way over budget.

Some of the most recent news out of the area is of a new hotel being built, and speculation on whether or not to keep the horse of death at the front of the airport, ( the horse’s eyes glow red at night, why wouldn’t they get rid of it!) .

denver airport, horses,horse,

Bank Of America Mural

On the image below we can see some type of solar eclipse and a man who is inside a box and looking up at the solar eclipse. Could this be the public which is in a box and can’t think outside the box? And then the men at the bottom of the image asking questions.

bank of america, mural

The theory behind all of these murals, is some type of celestial body causing many of the disasters depicted in the murals. Notice the streak of fire hitting the tree in the middle of the image, Here is an excellent analysis of what these murals could mean here:

Earth Changes 

planet x, today

Everyday we highlight some of the significant earth changes that are taking place on our planet, to bring attention to the most important stories of our era. Of course, there are other events that are on the minds of many people today, such as the recent bombings, and the Cyprus bailout.

Earthquakes – It is sad to see lives taken from a tragic event, however, there was 160 people who lost their lives in China from the 6.6 magnitude earthquake which still has 16 people who are missing, and several buildings that have been damaged.

The following is a list of magnitude 6.0 or greater earthquakes that have taken place in the past week, which is active with significant earthquake events:

Keep in mind, that around the same time last year a powerful 8.0+ earthquake hit Sumatra, with a total of 19 significant earthquakes that took place for the same month of April. It will be interesting to see if we surpass 19 significant earthquakes for 2013, so far we have twelve 6.0+ earthquakes recorded using the live feed.

Once in a century earthquakes are taking place in places such as Virginia/Colorado/New Mexico and other areas. To put into perspective of what our planet is going

through we will quote an excellent article from

“Back in 2001, the world had 1361 earthquakes of magnitude-5.0 or greater. This year, we are on pace to have over 2800. In fact, the number of major earthquakes this year is going to be the highest number we have seen during this past decade by far.” –

We highly recommended reading the article that covers the earthquake increases, even though there is a push to keep everybody calm.

Landslides – One of the biggest landslide events in the United States caused the price of copper to increase, and workers to stop working. On top of the kennecott mine, there was also a mega landslide event in Washington state, which made backyards disappear and thankfully no home owners were hurt in these 2013 events. These landslides look like the scene out of a movie, and to say they were “normal” or say that “big landslides take place all the time” is a harsh understatement.


Recently there was a landslide event that killed a total of 66 people in Tibet, as a landslide chinese rescue crews recovered a total of 66 bodies in the aftermath of a landslide that buried more than 80 mine workers. Of course the explanation given is that it was just an accident and that the mountainous regions of Tibet are prone to such disasters.

Fireballs – Fireballs have been on the rise, and this piece of the planet X puzzle is one of the most interesting. On April the 16th there was a report of fireball in Hungary, here is the video footage of the event:

The Russian meteor looks as if it could be only a taste of what could potentially come, remember, there was no warning from Nasa on the event, as they cannot detect all near earth objects.

For those of you who doubt that fireballs are on the rise, click this link

Click all of the years entitled “Fireball Sighting Log” and then look on the top left hand side of the page to get a picture of what is actually going on:



All of the reported fireballs that have been recorded are absolutely increasing as of  late, and if a celestial body was about to make its approach, space rock coming from the direction of the sun would be increasing, and that is exactly what is happening at the time. Remember, the Russian meteor event was a once in a “century” type of event, so to think that a brown dwarf or a low mass star couldn’t be the cause of the fireball increases by hurling space rocks at earth would not be wise.

Image from the hubble telescope.

Comet Ison – Here is another piece of the puzzle that has been met with large speculation on what the comet could do. But for credibility, let’s stick with the facts, the earth will pass through the tail of this comet in November, and this comet is set to be a sun grazer. The official story from Nasa is that the comet could bring an unusual meteor shower:

“For several days around January 12th, 2014, Earth will pass through a stream of fine-grained debris from Comet ISON,” says Wiegert. “The resulting shower could have some interesting properties.” source: –

We all know for a fact that most near earth objects can’t be detected by Nasa, so the question that we pose is: Could any other near earth objects be dragged in as the earth goes through the massive tail of comet Ison?

The possibility is now there, if the Russian meteor event and increases in fireballs are indication of what the future could hold, then we are in for a bumpy ride regardless of whether or not Ison does any damage. Nasa has assured the public that nothing will happen, so hopefully everything will be ok.

And there is no shortage of people who will laugh if you mention planet X, because nothing happened on December 21st 2012. You can look through our archive of content, and you will never find a claim that the world will end. It is our current position that energy from space, or planet X could be causing rivers to turn blood-red from the red iron oxide dust from its tail, as well as extreme weather events almost on a daily basis.

Extreme Weather – Drought conditions continue, and most recently there was a weather system that affected the east coast of the United States. What Nancy Lieder and the Zeta’s have stated, is that the earth has developed a wobble, that is documented by researchers and those who notice that the sun is setting in different areas. This earth wobble due to planet X’s gravitational force is causing the severe drought conditions, and severe temperature changes.

As Nancy stated, it will seem as if the weather will blend, and that is exactly what we have taking place today.

“One of the most recent articles from the Lancashire Telegraph highlights farmers which have lost hundreds of animals due to the extreme cold temperatures in east lancashire.

Newborn lambs and piglets died from the chill, sheep became buried under snow drifts, disease set in due to wet conditions, and the cost of feed has been nearly bankrupting farmers.”

 Terrorist Events & Explosions – The recent terrorist event in Boston is the topic of the day, just about every video blogger that talks about politics, or the economy, has highlighted the details of the Boston event. Many things seem fishy with the official story, and the internet is in a buzz with the evidence from the event. Another event that took place was the Texas fertilizer plant that exploded, with what looks to be a second source of light if you slow down the video and look closely to the left hand side of the video below, right before the explosion:

impact direction.
impact direction. The red middle arrow is the direction of the projectile, and the outside arrows shows a push out.

Here is the video:
The Texas Explosion requires it’s on investigation and articles, but for the sake of time, we will wrap up our thoughts for the day.

How All Of These Events Could Lead To Planet X

planet x

The pope resigning, fireballs, earthquakes, extreme weather, massive landslides, bank runs, billions of hallow point bullet purchases, what does all of this spell? Based upon the facts that have been presented, everything seems to be leaning towards some type of celestial event, where a major disaster takes place, and a small group of people look to take control over humanity after the event happens.

With the recent cyprus theft by the major banks in cyprus, we can see that those in power are acting without care for their fellow-man, almost as if they know something big is going to happen. In their mind they could be thinking ” Let’s just do whatever we want since this is event is going to happen” Yes, this is speculation at best, but it is based on facts, news, and other data presented in this article.

Think for yourself, growing up in school you are not taught to be a critical thinker for the most part, but as an adult that’s what life is all about. If the worst happens and you are prepared for a disaster you will stand a chance to survive, but if the worst happens and you take all of the information that we have put together and simply blow it off as simply conspiracy, you don’t give yourself a chance.

Investigate the claims made in this article, and share it with a friend, with your help we can spread the message of what could be happening with our planet.  

Best regards, Admin

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