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According to the Associated Press, there has been an increase in tremors at the 15.1-acre sinkhole near Bayou Corne, and has prevented work there since Wednesday, Assumption Parish Officials say.

One of the most recent slough-ins and “burps” of natural gas took place in the middle of April, and added 3 acres to the sinkhole.

The micro-earthquakes are causing work to be halted in the area, with 10-50 per day. This will be the 9th month that 350 residents in the area will be under an evacuation order.

According to officials with the Louisiana Office of Conservation, devices measuring seismic activity have picked up “an increasing trend” in subsurface tremors associated with breaking the rock movement.

The company who caused the salt dome to collapse (Texas brine) carved too close to the outer face of the Napoleonville Dome.

After the side collapsed 5,600 feet underground, millions of cubic yards of rock flowed into it. At the time, the cavern continues to fill up with material surrounding a the salt dome.

On May 1, 2013 an expert declared that there is Methane coming from deep below the mega sinkhole in Assumption Parish.


“Gary Hecox, CB&I hydrogeologist: The thermogenic gas from depth has moved upward and has displaced the shallow swamp gas.

So what we talked to you about last November as one of the concerns we had was the deep gas in the MRAA [Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer] coming up and displacing the shallow gas […]

So unfortunately what we told you several months ago that may be happening in terms of the deep gas displacing the shallow swamp gas appears to be occurring. […]

At least some of the methane in the community that is being detected has moved its way up from depth and is now coming up in the shallow part of the system […]

Now we know at least one of the bubble sites has a direct connection to gas coming up through the disturbed rock zone into the aquifer and is coming up through the other bubble sites.” –

 Is There A Cover Up On The Daisetta Texas Sinkhole?


What’s interesting about this sinkhole, is that there is very little information on what this sinkhole is doing in 2013. We performed searches on Youtube and Google, and could not find one article in 2013 about this sinkhole in Texas.

Based upon this sinkhole in 2008, you would think that Texas Brine would have learned from this disaster, but that simply was not the case.

Another sinkhole that continues to grow, is located in Houston Texas, where a sinkhole has now grown 30 feet wide, and 15 feet deep.



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  1. Incredible that nothing is being said on the media. This is a big deal and people all over the continent should be aware of this frightening situation. Thousands of people could lose their lives over this kind of dangerous problems that can not be corrected. If you get a mass emergency when you wait until the last minute it is going to be devastating.