The powerful earthquakes continue to rattle planet earth as a magnitude 6.5 earthquake which struck in Sichuan-Yunan -Guizhou China. The death toll has now reached 367 with 1,881 injured, as disaster relief is now headed to the region. A magnitude 6.9 & 6.1 earthquake struck in the fed states in Micronesia region.


Looks like the Eurasian plate , Pacific plate, and the Australian plate is active at the current time, but not only are these tectonic plates active so is the entire ring of fire. Don’t believe us, simply take a look at a list of some of the most recent earthquakes that have taken place over at the emsc website here.

So what’s the big deal about the increase in powerful earthquake activity? To put this in perspective, in 2013 the recorded only five 6.0 or greater earthquakes according their archive, and for the month of July 2014 there was a total of twelve 6.0 or greater earthquakes recorded by the emsc website, which is more than double the amount compared to July 2013!

This is absolutely unprecedented, and something that very few have taken note of.

Ebola And Martial Law?

The talk of the town has been the Ebola outbreak that is currently taking place overseas, with doctors coming over to the United States to be treated, with some being concerned about an outbreak, which is something to think about.

Could this event be used for a martial law scenario and then planet x announcement? This is just a theory, not fact, but quarantine is definitely  in the illuminati card game:



With so many of the different card games coming true, one has to wonder what is in the cards, and could there be more to this story, but is there? We will all have to wait and see what happens, until then don’t be scared, just prepared.

View more cards here

Here are a few steps a family can take to protect themselves from pandemic threats:


The Planet X Visual Evidence Mounts

What more evidence does the world need that we have a second sun in our solar system that is being covered up at sunset and sunrise? Still want more evidence that something big is on the horizon?

As the youtuber mentions look for yourself to see the second sunset at the webcam: Better yet, how about simply watching the sunsets and recording what you see, it is plain as day, longer then normal dusty pinkish red sunsets that only a few people are talking about, but soon the entire world will start talking about the giant red dragon of old.

Nobody knows for sure what will happen once this planet/star makes its passage around our star, but based upon current events it doesn’t look good at all.

Volcanic Activity


Tungurahua volcano has shown an uptick of activity today, with activity heightened overall as of late. There was a small cluster of earthquakes at the El Hierro and Yellowstone today, with nothing alarming at Yellowstone.

Earths new volcano is continuing to grow, with lava flow and gas emissions coming from the volcano, with the new crater measuring 0.49 square miles.



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