Earthquake Activity

There was one minor earthquake to report for 3/15/2013 measuring a magnitude 3 on the richter scale. Here is the list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes according to the U.S geological survey feed for the 14th of March:

M Location
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Lat Lon D
5.1 53km S of Punta de Burica, Panama 7.552°N 82.791°W 7.2

There was a recent report that predicts that more than 10,000 people could die in California from a mega earthquake and tsunami. Researchers from the Orgon Siesmic Safety Policy Advisory Commission has sounded a warning, along with 150 volunteer experts in the area.

In 2011 a study was performed to study what would take place if an earthquake and tsunami such as the one that devastated Japan hit the Pacific Northwest. California is currently drilling for a 7.0+ magnitude earthquake, as many earthquakes have a affected the region as of late.

 Volcanic Update 

Volcanic tremor activity remains at a high rate, with a bit lower activity today, according to Kvert’s daily update. Lava effusion is taking place at the single vent on the southern fissure. There are no significant changes that were reported for any other volcanoes in Kamchatka as moderate seismicity accompany dome building at the Sheveluch and Kizimen volcanoes.
An ash plume which reached 28,000 feet in the air exploded out of the Karkar volcano located in New Guinea, drifting North West. There was a SO2 plume visible at the Dukono volcano in Halmahera, and SO2 emissions remain high at the Ambrym Vanuatu.

Small explosions were recorded, as well as rockfalls from the Colima volcano in Western Mexico as volcanic quakes are on the rise. The Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador showed an almost continuous emission of gas and various amounts of ash whose average height was 500 meters. In the night time there were explosions that increased again and incandescent blocks were seen ejected to up to 500 meters below the crater rim.

 Tons Of Dead Fish Removed In Brazil 

In Rio Brazil, the municipal department of the environment says in a Thursday statement that since Monday the 65 tons of dead fish have been removed from the Rodrigo de Freitas lake. About 65 tons of dead fish have been removed from the Rodrigo de Freitas lake.

According to the department a rain storm earlier in the week washed up some type of organic matter into the lake, leading to the bid die off of the fish.

Water Main Break Causes A Sinkhole In Arizona

Officials have found the cause of the sinkhole at the intersection of Pima and pinnacle Peak roads. Many repair crews are working around the clock and they anticipate the water line to be repaired by Friday night.

Many road repairs are expected to be completed over the weekend with the intersection to be reopened on Monday Morning.

Kuiper Belt Researchers Find Planet X?

Disruption in the Kuiper belt could explain the recent meteors that are being seen in more populated areas as of late. A mini solar system entering into ours would knock these space rocks in our direction. The following video highlights some of the images caught by the 00skyview team:


Another video source that we discovered found something somewhat interesting around the sun:


Everyday we have more signs that support the existence of planet X, and looking into the future, it will become much more obvious if planet X is real.

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