Strange Train Derailments Continue

 train derailment

The map above reveals some of the most recent train derailments that have taken place.

(A) The lac Megantic derailment took place in the town of Lac-Megantic, located in the Eastern Townships of the Canadian province of Quebec on July 6, 2013, when an unattended 74 car freight train carrying Bakken formation crude oil ran away and derailed, which then resulted in fire and an explosion of multiple tank cars. Forty two people passed away from this event with 5 missing and presumed dead.

Many theories were given as to why this train derailed, according to


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The derailed freight train at Mordialloc station. Photo: Wayne Taylor 

(B)  Frankston line services are expected to be disrupted following the derailment of a freight train

near the Mordialloc station. According to the original source of this news report, there was no explanation into what caused the train to derail.

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What we found interesting was that there was a separate article reporting on the train derailment, and yet, there was still no reason given for the incident taking place, article below:


On September the 8th, 2013 there was a 2 car train derailment in Longview Texas, which interrupted traffic for

about nine hours total. Longview police mentioned that the derailment involving a freight train happened early Sunday.

According to the article : “Authorities are trying to determine what caused the accident”.


(D) On September the 8th, 2013, A train derailment took place near bedford in southern Indiana, as several train cars derailed. The sheriff’s department officer Chad Hayes mentioned that there weren’t many details available but it appears to be a minor incident.

No explanation was given as to what was the cause of this trail derailment in the green field reporter, which you can read below:–Train-Derails

Could These Incidents Be Caused By Plate Adjustments On Earth? 

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Just using logic and common sense can tell you that it is quite possible, that small plate adjustments could be causing these trains to derail, on a global scale. Please click the link below to read about all of the recent trail derailments, that are taking place:

Many will state that these derailments are normal, and seem like they happen more because technology has advanced. But very few of those people, will be able to back that claim up with data, that shows more technology and information means that these events aren’t taking place more frequently.

The argument is very common, “We have more ways to know about earthquakes, meteors, volcanoes, train derailments, extreme weather, and ect… that’s why it seems like these events are happening more often” However, this doesn’t mean that they are not increasing, or take away from the fact that they are still happening on a global scale.

On top of the train derailments, water main breaks have been taking place without anyone able to explain why they are happening,  massive landslides events taking place everyday. extreme flooding, volcanic eruptions, and a host of other earth changing events.

It will be known soon who is telling the truth, and who is not, and hopefully we can get to the truth, some way, some how.



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