A large 6.0 earthquake shook the Gulf of California coast in Mexico today with no reports of damages or loss f life. The USGS reports that the earthquake took place

at 11:26 p.m Sunday local time, and was centered 63 miles or 102 kilometers southwest of Los Mochis. Some local officials did report a bit of panic but no damage or injuries were reported

from this earthquake.

This region in California has been active as of late, with swarms of earthquakes hitting the area, including a 4.1 magnitude earthquake earlier today near Ocotillo Wells, California.

Along with the recent shaking in California there was also another large quake measuring 6.3 in magnitude, striking the southeastern Indonesia coast Monday evening, reported the USGS. The epicenter

of this earthquake took place at 6:43 pm Monday, was located in the Banda Sea 139 km (86 miles) at the southeast of Ambon. The depth of the earthquake was 34 km.

Volcano On Mt. Lokon Erupts

Mt Lokon Volcano
Indonesia’s most active volcano erupted again, on Monday. For the month of September, this volcano erupted a staggering 41 times. The Mt. Lokon volcano spewed 5,214 feet of ash, and a loud thunderous sound was heard as far

as 5 kilometers away. What’s interesting is how active this region has been as late, here is what volcanologist Farid Bina had to say about the volcanic eruptions:

“Lokon has been quite active the past few months. This was the seventh biggest eruption since mid-September,”
From the looks of things, the intensity of the earthquakes overall is picking up, and we will be keeping an eye on earthquake activity and volcanism in the next few days, weeks, and months.


P.S Here is more footage of Mt Lokon below:


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