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Earthquakes – Yesterday, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck Valparaiso Chile with no reports of injuries or damages to buildings.

On August the 13th, A Yahoo news article mentioned Northern Chile is currently at risk for a mega earthquake as tension has been building along a fault zone. Today there was a powerful 6.1 earthquake in Northern California, the earthquake is the strongest in 25 years, and Injuring over 120 people.

There are power outages to report in the aftermath of the 6.0 earthquake as 15,000 people were left without power across Northern California.

The city government in the region has stated that there were 50 gas main breaks and 30 water main leaks.source

Take note, that billions of dead Jellyfish have washed up on California west coast just two days before the earthquake event today.

There were also damages to buildings causing historic buildings in downtown Napa to turn into rubble.

We warned our readers on 11/14/2013 tho be on the lookout for large earthquakes because of the giant oarfish found off the coast of California.

Giant oarfish are sensitive to   to the electromagnetic screech that rock under pressure releases. As the Zetatalk newsletter mentioned that as the 7 of 10 sequence progresses, pressure would be placed upon continents with the Pacific plate being one of the main areas of pressure. read more

Breaking News – A magnitude 7.0 earthquake has struck in Peru, with no current reports of damages to buildings or injuries to report. This is near the exact area that geologists have been warning about as of late. read more

What is interesting about today’s events is that this all could potentially be connected, remember the giant crack that formed in Mexico?


Could the crack in Hermosillo have been a precursor event to the Chile, Peru, and California earthquakes? Most certainly as the ring of fire is very much alive, and all of these events are in the same region.

A magnitude 3.0 earthquake took place in Harper Kansas, earthquakes in this area are infrequent.

 Earthquake |Fireball |Volcano| Warning

mag field

We are issuing another warning to our readers and YouTube subscribers around the globe. Yes there was a cme ejection from the sun, however the magnetic field lines are also being compressed at the current time due to the nearby presence of a distant magnetic object in our solar system.

At the present time we are witnessing large magnetic compression for 8/24/2014, so more large earthquake events are definitely a possibility at this time. Along with earthquakes, watch for large fireball events, because most of the time, there are fireball events associated with these magnetic compression.

To explain the image above, the white dot is earth,  and the red lines reveal the closed field lines.

weather systems

Extreme Weather –  A tropical storm, category one hurricane, and category three hurricane are currently in the pacific. There is also another tropical storm Cristobal with a wind speed of 45 mph, headed near the east coast of the United States.

There are three deaths to report from this tropical storm, lashing parts of the Bahamas and the Turks. Crostobal is expected to become a category 1 hurricane as the days progress.

sri lanka

Heavy rains have caused dramatic havoc across India with reports of seven dead and damage to houses.

 Fireballs –  There are currently 175 reports of fireballs from the American Meteor Society, with one witness saying the following:

“We saw a huge FIREBALL fall from the sky until it went behind the trees.”

Ebola – The latest news reveals two deaths from the deadly disease, according vox.com there were 13 deaths in total, to the northwest of the Africa area.


Planet X Video


Expect more large solar flares as we witnessed today, with more fireballs, sinkholes, earthquakes, and volcanic activity as nibiru aka hercolbus makes it’s approach, with an estimate of about March 2016.


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