It has been a very busy 24 hours for earthquakes with a 7.0 earthquake struck at Shwebo, myanmar within the last 24 hours and today a 6.6 earthquake in Ocus, Guatemala and a 6.2 earthquake in Champerico Guatemala.

According to the Pacific Tsunami Warning center: “based on all available data, a destructive Pacific-wide tsunami is not expected.” As a side note, the 7.4 earthquake that struck on Wednesday in Guatemala was the strongest earthquake in 36 years.

2 Dead In The Indianapolis Explosions Reported Yesterday

The massive, mysterious explosion sparked a giant fire and killed two people in the Indianapolis neighborhood where about 3 dozen homes were damaged or destroyed according to authorities Sunday.

This powerful nighttime blast shattered windows, crumbled walls and could be felt at least 3 miles away.
7 people were taken to a hospital with injuries after the explosion and fire said the Deputy Fire Chief Kenny Bacon. What’s even more strange is the explanation behind this strange event. Supposedly there was

some type of gas leak that caused the explosion according to our previous source, however, in the article there is no reason being given for the explosion. Here is what a youtube researcher found out about the explosion, which is quite interesting:

The question that come to mind is why would these drones strike Indianapolis Indiana? This is a strange story, and it will be interesting to see what develops from this breaking news.

One of the main reasons we tracked this story is due to the major fire outbreaks that have taken place as of late, and we wondered if this story had anything to do with the methane gas that was coming out of the Louisiana sinkhole area, but apparently it did not have anything to do with that particular event.


 Animal Deaths


A Bryde’s whale has just recently been found dead in the Hauraki Gulf. Here is what an officer

had to say about the whale death:

‘Unfortunately it’s fairly regular, we get two to three deaths a year in the Hauraki Gulf in similar circumstances,” DOC duty officer Peter Smith said.



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