There is rising death toll from Typhoon Bopha, which rose to more than 200, and is estimated to be even higher at this time. The bad news is that this super Typhoon is not over yet, and will continue its path through the Philippines.

Bohpa strengthened to a Category 5 Super Typhoon before hitting land at Davao Oriential at dawn as of Tuesday and then

continued Mindanoa with wind speeds two and a half times the top winds of Tropical Storm Washi.

According to poleshift.ning this is more evidence of earth’s wobble which you can view in the video below:


The earth’s wobble is taking place because there is something that is moving it around in space. A red dwarf or brown dwarf star could certainly cause this wobble, as the magnetism from this planet pushes against our own. Think of two magnets that are placed near each other, there is a force that pushes them away from each other.

Planet X Viewed With Red Filters


This image was taken from the poleshift.ning website, and we would like to know what location this was taken from. You can see the bright orb just to the right of the sun and its many moons trailing just underneath it.


In earthquake news a 5.6 earthquake struck the eastern Iran area on Wednesday, according to the USGS. The epicenter of the earthquake was 26 miles east of Qayen, Iran, according to the USGS, Iran’s semiofficial Fars news agency reports the quake hit South Khorasan province in eastern Iran near the border of Afghanistan at 20:38 local time Wednesday.
There were reports of residents in the area running away to get out of their homes with fear of their homes collapsing. There are no current reports of damages or loss of life from the earthquake.

Update: The latest update on this earthquake reports 4 deaths, and injuries to several others. Since most of the homes in the area are made of mud and bricks it is easy for a moderate earthquake to pose a risk to residents living in the area.

In 2003 there was an earthquake that took place that measured 6.6 on the Richter scale and killed 26,000 people as a result.

Volcanic Activity

The latest volcanic activity comes out of Russia with a plume of ash 4km high-flying to the sky, here is video of the eruption courtesy of Russia Today:


It’s important that our readers keep in mind that this is the first time this volcano has erupted in some 36 years, the good news is that it doesn’t pose any threat to people living in the local area.

In other volcanic news, Mt. Kilauea is also active with and in the first time in almost a year, lava has began to flow into the ocean from the eruption on Hawaii’s big island.



FEMA Is Not Equipped For Disasters

With hurricane Katrina and hurricane Sandy, it was clear that FEMA was not ready for the situation that took place. A recent news report  from USA Today makes this even more obvious, quote:

“Hurricane Sandy should be a major wake-up call,” Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler said at a hearing before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. “When disaster strikes, our densely populated urban areas and economic centers must be able to recover quickly.”

The Federal Emergency Management Agency isn’t positioned to handle a natural disaster in a densely populated urban setting, said Nadler, who represents Lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn waterfront communities of Red Hook, Sea Gate and Coney Island.” –

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