reykjanesEarthquakes – The largest earthquake for today measured 5.6 in magnitude, this is an aftershock from the 7.0 on the southern east pacific rise earthquake yesterday.Six hours ago a magnitude 4.6 earthquake struck the active Oklahoma area, which is known for it’s thousands of fracking wells. 

Another strong magnitude 5.0 earthquake struck on Reykjanes ridge at 10 km. source

mt zao

Volcanoes – Volcanic tremors were detected today at the Mount Zao volcano, according to the Sendai Meteorological Observatory in Miyagi Prefectures. source

Extreme Weather

india photo

Typhoon Hudhud is now a category two cyclone with a wind speed of 139 km, moving at 11 km per hour. According to weather forecasters the storm system has turned severe as coastal areas of north Anhra Pradesh and south Odisha are being suggested for evacuation.


Typhoon Vongfong -Good news, typhoon vongfong is weakening at the moment but will still hit Japan’s Ryuku islands.U.S air bases have been put on alert, which will be the most powerful storm of the year.  At the moment vongfong is producing winds gusting at 156 miles per hour. source


Tropical storm AL07 has also developed in the north Atlantic ocean, with it’s projected path moving close to Bermuda.

France – A bombardment of flooding took place on Friday as heavy rain swept the area,leaving the residents under the countries highest warning.

 United Kingdom – Strong winds and rain continued to batter parts of the UK on Thursday, after tornadoes were spotted in the area on Wednesday. Gale force Winds up to 50 miles per hour hit the south-west of England.

Arizona U.S.A – The south-central Arizona region experienced heavy rain in low-lying areas.

Missouri U.S.A – Rain in Clay and Platte counties triggered water to flood roadways in yards. source

Disease Outbreaks

EbolaHospitals are getting ready for a potential Ebola outbreak, across the USA. Memo’s are currently being sent to staff, and they are running all-out drills to make sure staff members know all the potential signs of the deadly virus. So fare the death toll from Ebola has reached  4,033 with some cases uncounted for. source

Disaster Preparedness

Big news out of Washington State, disaster preparedness month(October) has been declared by Governer Jay Inslee . The governor has also declared October as National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather radio month.source

Power Outages – 85,000 people were left without power in Auckland, as an early morning fire took place on Sunday. Independent engineers have been appointed to look into what caused the fire at the Penrose substation. source

In Pittsburgh homes  businesses were without power on Thursday,as lights when tout through Mount St. around around 1:29 PM. source

Strange SoundsAlbrightsville Pa a couple experienced strange sounds taking place near the woods, and recorded the video below:




64 pending fireball reports took place in the following states and countries: AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, IL, IN, MI, MN, MO, MT, NC, NH, NJ, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, VA, WA & WI and 5 reports from Canada.

Here’s an interesting quote from a viewer:

“One of the scariest (due to being totally unexpected) natural events I’ve seen!” source

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