A 7.0 earthquake struck at Shwebo, myanmar with a 6.6 aftershock shortly after the powerful 7.0 earthquake. The earthquake was around 60 km (37 miles) northwest of the city of Mandalay, according to the U.S Geological Survey.

The good news is that here were no report of damages or injuries from the earthquake, that was a shallow quake about 10km or six miles deep.
Many residents in the area felt the strong tremor at 7:30 a.m.

“I’ve never felt such strong tremor. I also heard some loud noises and the light went out. No idea about the damage,” a local resident said.www.reuters.com

 From our research, it seems as if magnitude 6.0 and magnitude 7.0+ earthquakes are becoming very common as of late. The following image is from the Usgs.gov website which covers some of the recent earthquakes 6.0 or higher in the last 30 days, and you can easily see that frequency is picking up.

In the span of a few days we are seeing 6.0 or higher earthquakes along the ring of fire, which is displayed in red as one of the most active area’s in the world for earthquake activity.

Image: USGS.gov

Take note that if any of these earthquakes hit a major populated area, the consequences could be devastating, and unfortunately the 7.4 in Guatemala killed 52 people in a very short period of time.

Underground Bunkers & Executives 

Recently one of our favorite youtube channels is reporting that executives are headed for hills, which is highly unusual. If you didn’t know, the Denver New World airport is home to one of the largest deep underground bunkers in the world. Watch the video below and be the judge of what is taking place in wake of the Hurricane sandy event, and Louisiana sinkhole:

 Epic Sea Level Rising

New York flood
Image source: livescience.com

Even sites like earthshiftx.com is being targeted by the North Carolina seneate to bann researchers from reporting increases in the sea level rise, the show must go on, and the sea levels will rise and be reported on anyway.

In North Carolina the sea level rise is accelerating as of November 6th 2012. According to a livescience.com article the seal levels are rising about three times faster than average than they are globally.

“What we’re seeing here is unique,” said Asbury Sallenger, an oceanographer at the U.S. Geological Survey in St. Petersburg, Fla. Read more: www.livescience.com

This article lines up with the poleshift.ning website which reports a sinking of plates in many areas that are flooding at the current time. Nigeria, Indonesia, Thailand, and area’s affected by hurricane sandy are flooding, and it will be interesting to see what happens next with the sea level rising so fast.

Mysterious Explosion In Indiana

explosion i

Many homes were damaged or destroyed in an explosion and fire on the Indianapolis south side late Saturday evening. The large explosion took place about 11:10 p.m in the 8400 block of Fieldfare Way, near sherman Drive between County line rd and stop 11.

The explosions could be heard through much of Perry and Franklin Township and in Shelby and Hancock counties.

Theindychannel.com article reported that an evacuation was under way of homes in the neighborhood surrounding the blast and fire, with a natural gas explosion blamed for the explosion.

Here is video of the fire:

Explosion completely destroys homes


 Louisiana Sinkhole Update

The sinkhole in Louisiana is continuing to widen, and here is a video of a recent flyover of the video:

Here is a video with an overview on the latest on what is taking place in Louisiana:

Stay tuned for updates as things seem to be picking up as we head towards the end of 2012.



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