Earthquake Activity

The powerful 6.2 magnitude earthquake that took place in Iran early Saturday morning injured 15 people, according to Iranian state television. One child was killed in the earthquake, an additional 5 others were reported injured in the incident for a total of 20. Electricity was cut in the area, while

rescue teams were attempting to open blocked roads to the quake-hit regions. A large 7.8 earthquake hit the area last month, which was one of the biggest earthquakes to hit the country in 50 years. In the 7.8 earthquake 40 people were killed across the border in Pakistan where hundreds of mud homes were leveled.

A string of strong aftershocks were also recorded after the 6.2 earthquake hit Minab Iran:

2013-05-11   02:08:14.0 26.79 N 57.85 E 30 6.2  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   02:29:45.0 26.76 N 57.96 E 20 4.6  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   02:32:44.0 26.65 N 57.87 E 20 4.5  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   02:45:43.3 26.42 N 57.76 E 16 4.1  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   02:50:02.0 26.59 N 57.93 E 20 4.6  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   03:03:29.0 26.64 N 57.80 E 20 4.8  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   03:09:54.0 26.78 N 57.91 E 20 5.4  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   03:17:23.0 26.53 N 57.58 E 20 4.7  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   03:41:31.0 26.69 N 57.99 E 20 5.0  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   03:58:17.0 26.83 N 57.60 E 20 4.4  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   04:09:30.0 26.53 N 57.89 E 20 4.7  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   05:10:05.0 30.15 N 51.75 E 2 4.0  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   05:34:17.0 26.58 N 57.78 E 30 4.4  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   05:45:32.0 26.53 N 57.63 E 20 4.0  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   05:59:40.011hr 47min ago 26.78 N 57.99 E 20 4.3  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   07:58:38.39hr 48min ago 26.44 N 57.78 E 15 4.2  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   08:38:24.69hr 09min ago 26.49 N 57.70 E 20 4.0  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   08:42:40.09hr 04min ago 26.66 N 57.84 E 30 5.0  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   10:03:05.07hr 44min ago 26.68 N 57.78 E 20 4.6  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   10:25:36.07hr 21min ago 26.72 N 57.71 E 20 4.3  SOUTHERN IRAN
2013-05-11   14:23:17.03hr 24min ago 26.49 N 57.67 E 10 4.4  SOUTHERN IRAN

  Volcanic Activity


Volcano San Pedro, southwest view from Atitlan Caldera Lake, Guatemala (Photo: WNomad

A staggering 28 explosions were noted from the volcano, the largest were at 05:16 and 07:01 am. Harmonic tremor activities were reported, with steam plume drifted South East.

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Water Main Breaks Continue

In an earlier article we highlighted the string of water main breaks that continue to take place all across America and other parts of the world. Today we have reports of a water main break that resulted in water pressure varying in degrees through a part of the city. Residents in the 100 blocks of 19th Street West and 20th Street

West also had their water shut off while repairs took place.

Here is a quote from the Mayor in the area:

“The problem that people have to understand is, they’ll have to put up with more water interruption, because this isn’t the last break we’ll get,” Mayor Greg Dionne said by phone while repairs took place in the early afternoon.

“I don’t like to say that, but at the end of the day people have to understand that the frost is coming out of the ground and there’s going to be water inconveniences. This won’t be the (last) one.” –

The United States is not the only place were these water main breaks are taking place, there was another water main break on May 10th in Honolulu, where a water main break

is taking place just about everyday.

“They’re just patching things up and in two or three years they’ll just break again,” said James Ha, McCully.”

Here is video of the water main break on May 10th, which spilled over 200,000 gallons of water:Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL

Another water main break took place in Pennsylvania, where Water customers received disrupted service.The nearby street in the area had to be shut down, as flooding affected the roadway.

water main
Boston water main break

Yet another water main break took place in Boston, which sent water rushing into a North End intersection Friday night.

In Temple Arizona, traffic on a major road was disrupted as crews repair a water main break. There was no word on what caused the water main break to take place.

The final water main break took place in Solon Ohio, as the road had to be shut down due to the water main break in the area. It is not known how long it will take to repair the water main.

Interesting Statistics On Water Mainswater main

Since the year 2000, water main breaks take place 850 times per day in the United States of America alone. And just yesterday crews from DC Water and Pepco are trying to repair a water main break in Northwest, which caused water to pour into an excavation site early Saturday morning.

The break in the 20-inch main happened shortly after 4am at 17th Street between Rhode Island and Pennsylvania Avenues North West.

What we are looking at when it comes to water mains has to be geological upheaval of some sort. Since there is no explanation as to why so many water mains, sinkholes, and earth changes are taking place on such a massive scale. This is not to say the world will end, but the increase in these types of events are definitely on the rise and something to watch out for.




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