There are many different solutions to surviving a pole-shift, or large-scale natural disaster, and today there were some great tips and techniques you can use courtesy of Nancy Lieder:



A strong 4.0 earthquake was felt in Italy at a shallow 9 km in-depth, there are no reports of damages to buildings or deaths at the moment. A largely observed earthquake struck in Central Italy, measuring 3.5 in magnitude.


The deepest earthquake so far took place south of the Fiji Islands, measuring in as a 4.8 magnitude quake. The earthquake depth for this earthquake was 491 km.

Once again, the pattern continues, after larger earthquake events along the indo-Australian plate earth experiences an earthquake on the opposite side, with a 3.4 earthquake in Maule, Chile. maule chile

If there are any larger earthquake events in Indonesia look to the west cost of Chile/United States for earthquake activity.

There was another strong earthquake in Kepulauan Batu Indonesia that we looked over but it measured  6.4 in magnitude and 37 km in-depth. There was no transfer of movement in this larger earthquake event, however this is the same region that is breaking up at the moment.

Indonesia is showing signs of increased earthquake strength and will be an ongoing thing to watch closely.


Chile’s Villarrica volcano erupted, causing evacuations in the area as mentioned earlier the volcanoes alert status has been raised to red and roughly 3,500 people have been evacuated at the moment. The good news is that most of the activity has died down at the moment. source


This region is experiencing an up-tick in activity that we highlighted in an earlier blog post and the next volcano to watch at the moment is Reventador with seismic signals appearing today.

bezy 3

Bezymianny(Kamchatka Russia) is showing a slight increase in earthquake activity with a cluster of magnitude 0.1 – 3.0  earthquakes in the past 24 hours.


Kverkfjoll( Icleland)  is showing a series of smaller earthquakes with a slight increase. Other volcanoes in Iceland are still showing earthquake activity.

ruapehu, new zealand


Ruapheu (New Zealand) is experiencing a small concentration of earthquakes for March 4th 2015.

spurr cano

Spurr volcano in Alaska is showing some interesting seismic signals, with earthquakes happening regular basis in this area.

This just in, eruption takes place in Sakurajima Japan, just moments ago:


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