The Plosky Tolbachnik volcano in Russia started erupting again last week, sending plumes of gas and ash high into the sky and forming

a lava lake. The Plosky Tolbachik volcano is located in Kamchatka peninsula, hundreds of kilometres from the nearest residential areas.

“There were no lava lakes at Kamchatka volcanos before now. We have never seen this before.” said Gennady Karpov, a volcano expert at Russia’s academy of sciences in the far East.

The first time that this volcano erupted was in November after 40 years of dormancy.

Russian officials said the current eruptions are not likely to end in any time soon. The good news is that the volcano is not close to any densely populated areas or near flights in the area.

 Other Notable Volcanic Activity

A large explosion 45,000 feet high took place at Manam volcano earlier today. The recent OMI satellite data shows a modest SO2 anomaly over the volcano.The dotted line is the ash cloud from the powerful explosion that took place:



There have been a smaller earthquakes which have clustered beneath the Akutan volcano in the Aleutian Islands in the past week. The earthquakes have continued at a low, but regular rate of occurrence  The Akutan Island was the site of an intense earthquake swarm which took place in 1996.

At the Popacatepl volcano in Mexico a small volcanic earthquake took place at the Colima volcano, which suggest further surface activity whould be expected there.

Seismic activity is reduced at the Fuego volcano in Guatemal and Santa Maria volcano. The nearby Pacaya volcano chatters with frequent volcanic earthquakes.

A banded volcanic tremor at San Cristobal volcano in Nicaragua station CRIN has become more pulsatory and diminished during the past 24 hours. There are elevated volcanic tremors which continue at the Masaya volcano, and many volcanic earthquakes continue to affect Concepcion volcano.

There have been several small earthquakes which rattle Colombian volcanoes: Nevado Del Ruiz, Machin, and Galeras.

Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador has returned to a slumber, some of the internal activity appears on the increase again at Reventador volcano, and a few small earthquakes have affected Cotopaxi volcano during the past few days.

Seismic activity has dropped slightly beneath Capahue volcano during the past 24 hours. Just over 1000 events occurred during that period.

Smaller earthquakes took place on seismographs  recorded at Tongariro volcano during the past day. Low-level volcanic tremor and a few local earthquakes are now visible on seismic records from Ruapehu volcano, and Volcanic tremor continues at White Island volcano. The recent satellite imagery shows SO2-enriched plumes over Popacatepetl volcano and Ambrym volcano (Vanuatu).

The good news to report is that many earthquakes are loosing their seismic activity, but there is still increased activity overall.


Sinkhole Forms In Broadmoor


On Friday night a large sinkhole formed in Shreveport Louisiana, the sinkhole has caused traffic woes in the area. And formed at the corner of Grover Place and India Drive.

Neighbors say they heard running water and called the city. A 10 to 12 inch water pipe had broken in half.

Many crews set up a barricade to keep motor vehicles from driving into the large sinkhole until repairs can be made.


Is Planet X A Hoax?

By definition planet x is 

  1. An undiscovered planet in the solar system.

Source link:http://www.allwords.com/word-Planet%20X.html

If this is the case then planet X is definitely out there, as there are many undiscovered planets that are discovered on a regular basis, just today astronomers have found alien planets:

“A team of amateurs has discovered evidence for 42 alien planets, including a Jupiter-size world that could potentially be habitable, by sifting through data from a NASA spacecraft.

Forty volunteers with the crowd-sourcing Planet Hunters project discovered the new planet candidates, which include 15 potentially habitable worlds and PH2 b, a Jupiter-size planet that the team confirmed to be in the habitable zone of its parent star.” – http://www.space.com

For some reason, after the December 21st 2012 it’s comical to believe that planet x is real to some people because they believe that date was supposed to bring the passing or crashing of planet X. So many people today have put down their shield, and have relaxed, thinking that everything is fine with the earth, when the reality is that it is not.

Whether our readers or visitors believe in planet X is up to them, we simply state the facts, and let you come to your own conclusion.

 More Evidence Of Earth’s Wobble


At the current time, there are springtime flowers, shrubs and trees are blooming in the UK earlier than ever before, signs of spring have already made an appearance in one Devon town.

Keen gardener Brian Rickard noticed the first daffodils in his plymouth,D Devon, flowerbeds bloom in time for Christmas.





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