The Klyuchevskoy volcano erupted in Kamchaatka, which is the highest active volcano in Eurasia. There is a report stating that the volcano has glowing lava

flowing in the crater area of the volcano. There is a good chance that ash could start blowing out of the volcano at any moment. The last time this giant volcano erupted was

September 2009 to December 2010, then it began to wake up again by June of this year.

Along with the Klyuchevskoy volcano, Colombia’s Cerro Machin volcano is also active with more tremors reported, and also volcanic swarms in Iceland, the US and the Canary Islands.

The Volcanological and Seismological observatory of Manizales reported that an earthquake measuring 2.6 on the Richter scale took place yesterday at 11:54 am. There was a statement quoted that this incident :

“is associated with rock fracturing within the volcanic edifice.”

The El Hierro Volcano

El Hierro

There was a new earthquake swarm which started at El Hierro yesterday, when a large number of quakes rose from an average of about 8-10 to 23 quakes per day. As of today, there have been 14 events recorded, and that number

continues to rise even further. Most of the quakes are very small, and are concentrated at about 10 km in-depth in the western El Golfo and spread throughout the region.

Iceland And Yellowstone Earthquakes


As reported yesterday, 8 earthquakes shook the old faithful Geyser in Wyoming in the span of less than an hour, and in the Iceland area a swarm of quakes took place in Reykjanes peninsula, on the volcanic rift zone, about 12 km SW of Brenisteinsfjoll volcano.

The largest quake was an M3.8 event at 5 km depth on Friday19:42 UTC.

Dormant Volcanoes Continue To Awaken

 Indonesia’s Paluweh volcano

After 27 years of dormant activity, Indonesia’s Paluweh volcano awakens from its slumber with an eruption. On October the 9th a new eruptive phase began at the

Paluweh volcano, the volcano has been dormant since 1985. Paluweh is also known as Rokatenda. The volcano has many signs of coming to life again since October the 1st.

Over 6,000 have evacuated the area, as fire, and ash plumes have become visible in the area.

Here is a video that shows the 68 dormant volcanoes that have become active since February:


Mount Fuji Is Due For An Eruption

Mount Fuji Volcano

A scientist in Japan has warned that Mount Fuji could be over due for a quote “big-scale explosive eruption” which could affect millions of people and cause billions in damages.

There was a recent study which found that the magma chamber under the mountain has come under a lot of pressure, which could trigger a volcanic eruption.

Professor Toshitsugu Fujii mentioned the following about Mount Fuji:

“Mount Fuji has been resting for 300 years now, and this is abnormal,” he told Saturday AM. “It usually erupts in some form every 30 years. So the next eruption could be a big-scale explosive eruption.”


After the large 9.0 earthquake that took place in Japan, more effort is being placed into watching mount Fuji, as a 6.2 earthquake hit right under the volcano a few days after one of the largest earthquakes in earth’s history.

The professor mentions that 300 years ago, a similar event took place, as Fuji erupted just 40 days after a big quake.

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