On October the 29th 2014, we reported on a large seismic reading at the Turrialba VTUC seismic station.turialbaFast forward to today and the sudden activity spike is very interesting to say the least, as volcanic activity is now picking up pace.

turallba,volcano, chart

Costa Rica is now under an emergency alert after ash from the volcano reached the capital. It is very interesting that this is the first eruption in more than a century.The alert status has gone from green to  yellow, and important note is that since 2010 the Turrialba Volcano National Park has been been closed. source

Bardarbunga, Iceland – Another strong earthquake measuring 5.0 in magnitude struck at the Icelandic volcano at  01:30:43.3 UTC time. The effusion of lava continues, and there is an ongoing eruption at the Holuhraun Fissure at the moment.

At the current time there are many volcanoes active and spewing ash plumes, to read more visit: Volcanodiscovery.com

A Recent Dream About Volcanic Eruption

So recently the administrator of earthshiftx.com had a recent dream about a massive volcanic eruption being seen after exiting a building.In our upcoming update we will be highlighting a separate dream that took place last year, which was very vivid, as all the dreams that the admin has been having lately.

The timing is interesting with all of the activity being experienced at the moment. Here is a video from the excellent yowusa.com, which gives a prediction for this winter:


A must read page that will help you get a window into how serious the volcanic situation is, can be found by clicking the link below:

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Unfortunately the mainstream media still fails to let the common man and woman on the street how just how much activity is currently taking place. Most likely, the main stream media doesn’t want to scare people, but this is not a time to be afraid or scared just prepared.


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