At the Stromboli volcano the lava flow is reaching the sea, after a slight drop in activity. Bardabunga volcano in Iceland has been shaken by over 800 earthquakes, with no signs of a drop in activity.

The intrusion itself has migrated about 1km northwards since yesterday. Earlier in the morning a magnitude 4 earthquake took place at Bardabunga, and earthquakes in the area are causing cracks to appear in a nearby glacier.

Bagana volcano in Papua New Guinea continues as an ash plume of 7,000 feet was spotted moving 50 kilometers southwest yesterday.The Batu Tara volcano in Indonesia is showing a new ash plume reaching 50 kilometers.

Kilauea volcano in Hawaii is showing a branch of lava flow on the East Rift zone, and has created a small lava island inside the forest.

In Popocatepetl in Central Mexico activity remains unchanged and has been low at the moment.

Fuego volcano in Guatemala has been stable, as activity has been stable at average levels with weak low-level explosions.

Sabancay volcano in Peru is showing At the Stromboli volcano in Italy the lava flow is reaching the sea, after a slight drop in activity.

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Yellowstone is showing small earthquake activity at the time, after the swarm of smaller earthquakes on August 29th 2014. To get a window into the volcanic activity lets take a look at a few of  the currently erupting and un-restful volcanoes.

active erupting


Red is the currently erupting volcanoes, orange is the warning or minor activity, yellow is showing unrest at the volcano. To see the entire list of volcanic activity click here.

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To put things in perspective for a moment there were 55 eruptions in 1990, and in 2013 there were 83 eruptions total. But is volcanic activity really increasing or are eruptions increasing?

Here is what the director of the volcanic program at the Smithsonian had to say:

“If you plot data from the last 200 years, there’s a clear increase in the number of eruptions over time,” Siebert said, “but that’s not a function of the actual number of eruptions but rather due to reporting effects.” source

So basically, the director mentions that there is an increase, but not a function of the actual number of eruptions.

So yes, but no? hmmmmm


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