With this recent slight uptick in volcanic activity the research team is keeping a close eye on volcanoes for more eruptions. Whirled publishing sent us a link to a very important image, which shows the ocean temperatures heating up:

ocean temperatures


With so much heat beneath the worlds oceans, obviously volcanic activity will remain high. Let’s take a look at volcanoes that could be on the verge of eruption.


Askja, Iceland  – Nearby the very active bardarbunga volcano, the Askja summit experienced a strong magnitude 5.0 earthquake highlighted in white. The interesting thing to note about the Iceland volcano is that the activity is widespread in the area.


Bezymianny Volcano – A small cluster of small earthquakes are taking place at the moment, The Filipino plate  and the North american plate meet nearby the volcano.Tolbachik is another volcano in near the Bezymianny volcano which is also active with a small cluster of earthquakes in the past week.

volcano 2

Eyjafjallajokull Volcano – Judging by the looks of the swarms of earthquakes taking place at the different summits in Iceland, the entire area is active at the moment.



Grimsvotn volcano is another active region in Iceland, which speaks volumes as to how active this area is at the moment.

Hekla is another region in Iceland that is experiencing some earthquake activity off and on, at different days.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration revealed recently that September was warmer than the average, for the contiguous United States. Along with the United States the Global temperature reached a record high in September as well. source


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