“In a late afternoon something very strange occurred, reflecting the sunset through the clouds caused an effect of reflector on the horizon as we see in the footage”zetatalk



Here are one of the most recent images from poleshift.ning:

SolarAccording to a recent article from the website:

“As is known, the view of the Sun, and what lies either to the right or left of the Sun, is reversed in the Southern Hemisphere from the view from the Northern Hemisphere. Thus what Alberto recorded in his Red Filter photos, the wafting tail of Planet X to the LEFT of the Sun, will appear to the RIGHT of the Sun in Brazil.

Here, in the video capture from Palotina, Brazil, are the Moon Swirls that Alberto and others have been recording and even seen naked eye as light orbs around the Sun. These light orbs are particularly brilliant in this Brazilian video because the clouds blunt the glare from the light from the Sun.

Take Alberto’s photo taken during this time and reverse it to see where the Moon Swirls would be expected. The world is noticing, and this visibility will only INCREASE until NASA admits that Nibiru has arrived.”



2 Minute News





A magnitude 4.6 earthquake struck Alaska on Christmas Eve, and took place just before 7 p.m Monday in the state’s Prince William Sound region, according to the Alaska Earthquake Information Center.

Many residents living in southwest Anchorage, near Campbell Lake, reported feeling the shaker, which was the second earthquake in less than 12 hours registering greater than 4.0 on the Richter scale. There was a tsunami statement which was dispatched by the U.S Geological Survey; no tidal waves were expected.

The quake occurred about 15 miles underground, 80 miles east of Anchorage.

 Volcanic Activity 


There is a red alert that is still in effect for Chile’s mt Copahue, as officials are maintaining the red alert as a precaution for the area.

Chile’s emergency office ONEMI issued the highest alert in the Biobio central region after it registered high seismic activity at the Capahue volcano and an ash cloud billowing “over one kilometer” high, officials mentioned on Monday.


The volcano once again began spewing ash and gas on Saturday, with people living on the slopes near the volcano receiving a warning to leave their home.

 Volcano In Ecuador Spits Out Ash Plumes

Residents living near Ecuador’s Tangurahua volcano have been advised to voluntarily evacuate after an increase in activity created at least

three moderate explosions and ash fall on nearby villiges. One of the first explosions generated a column of ash that reached two kilometers (1.24 miles) in height and fell over different communities in the area. There was

a third explosion which generated a column of ash nearly five kilometres (3 miles) tall. The following map shows the two areas where each volcano is active.


mapLandslides Spread In England 

landslides in england

As the end of November Drew closer, an unprecedented number of landslides took place across

across southwestern England, destroying homes, burying roads, railways, and leaving many families homeless.

Even though these landslides are being touted as inundations by the media, the Zeta’s explain what is actually taking place:

“The region of the Aberdeen oil leak is neither a plate border nor fault line. But it does lie in the area destined to be pulled down during the plate movements preceding the pole shift and certainly during the pole shift itself.

We have predicted that Ireland, Scotland, and Wales will be pulled down to a greater extent than England herself. What happens when plates are bent in this way, pulled down because the plate border in the mid-Atlantic has weakened, a void on one side of this plate border? Rock layers bend, and snap, and certainly destabilize…” poleshift.ning.com

Here is a long list of recent landslide incidents that have taken place in the United Kingdom:

Elsewhere in the U.K.

Landslip Part Blocks Road

Landslips close two Gloucestershire roads

Landslip south of Perth disrupts rail services

Another stretch of coastpath near Plymouth closed by landslip

Landslide concerns see part of Plymouth coast path closed

Train delays after landslip near Glazebrook

Landslip cancels trains between Liverpool and Manchester

Landslip closes section of Whitsand Bay coast path

Cliff landslip death: Charlotte Blackman ’10ft from safety’

Landslip at Lighthouse beach

Another landslip hits coastline near Sidmouth

Westerleigh rail landslip: Delays and cancellations to continue

Continued delays due to rail landslip on Bristol to Swindon line

Telford landslip road closure to go on

Family evacuated after landslip in Old Sodbury tell of shock

Land slip causes Wotton-under-Edge road to close

Beaminster Tunnel repair work ready to begin after landslip tragedy

Southern Germany Has The Warmest Christmas Ever


More parts of Germany are experiencing the highest temperatures ever recorded on Christmas Eve. Which further proves that the earth has a wobble.

According to the German Weather Service, one weather station in downtown Munich recorded a temperature of 20.7 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) in some places, which makes this the warmest Christmas Eve since records began over

a hundred years ago.

Source: http://www.dw.de/southern-germany-records-warmest-christmas-eve-ever/a-16477867



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