Where Can You See Planet x?

second sun 3
Hungary second sun footage with water reflection.

There is no debate, planet x is very real, and is our sun’s binary twin, but where can you see planet X from earth? And what are the best tools try to spot the great dragon as it makes its approach into our inner solar system.?

Before we get into where you can see planet x, let’s talk about a video that is now on the internet, and a video capture from Hungary below:

In the video above we can clearly see the second sun to the 4:00 position to the sun, and that is not a lens flare, lens flares do not reflect off the water, and they don’t show up as dark as the sun to the left of the image posted above. Depending on where you are located, and what time of day, you can see planet x, but it’s not something that you can see everyday.

Here is a link that will explain in detail exactly where you can spot planet X and  much more information on the different persona’s of planet x: poleshift.ning.com

In the above video clip we can clearly see what looks to be a second source of light, once again near the 4:00 position, in Munich Germany. Notice how almost the entire skyline turns red all of a sudden just before sunset? Planet X is real, and there have been great measures taken in order to cover it up, but it will no longer be possible very soon in the future.

Equipment For Viewing Planet X

lens filter


A lens filter is one of the best ways to view planet X, as the light spectrum can be a factor in how well you can see it. A good camera with a good filter, and you are in the business of capturing the no longer mysterious planet X complex.

A red filter is said to be one of the better filters to stick with as you begin your research, and of course elevation will allow you to capture the sunsets and sunrises. Just remember to email contact@earthshiftx.com if you would like to post any image captures that you find, and with your permission we will highlight the images that you have captured.

At the current time on 12/18/2013 we are seeing a red sky just to the south, right before sunset on the eastern part of the United States, and planet X is supposed to be coming in from the south., so that could be an area to keep an eye on.

When Will Planet X Arrive?

planet x

There have been dates given to when the planet X system will be making its way back through the solar system, and dates that it will be visible in the skies. One research team that has published amazing videos on the subject of planet X has given a late 2015 early 1st quarter of 2016, here is the video below giving the estimates:


These estimates are not set in stone, but notice how the governments of the world are currently acting. During the recent government shutdown in the United States, national parks were shut down. Why is that? Why shut down the park for veterans? Well, it is our belief that they don’t want people going to certain places to escape planet x when it passes.

Of course this is our opinion, but notice how Nasa.gov shutdown their website? Once again why? And why is NASA preparing and getting ready to defend themselves? is this due to the public outrage that will ensue once people start realizing we have the return of the great dragon? It makes a lot of sense to us, but we are just assuming  based upon the fact that the general public is lied to for the most part.

At the end of the day, the truth will be known, and with so many sightings taking place, we wouldn’t doubt that the photos will start coming in bunches.

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