So why has Pope Benedict resigned all of the sudden? Some say it is because of old age, but could there potentially be another reason for the resignation? Nancy Lieder and the Zeta’s have an explanation, as to why the pope resigned?

“Of course Pope Benedict is struggling with poor health, he is 85 years old! That he had a minor stroke and is taking heart medication is hardly a reason to resign. The rumors are rampant that Obama is getting ready announce the truth about Planet X, aka Nibiru, nearby.

After months of delay, during which Obama tried to set his house in order, anticipating political chaos after the announcement (when little work would be done in Washington DC), he is again proceeding. The Pope of course is in the loop, and knows what will follow at the Vatican. The faithful will want to be assured of their rapture, the priesthood will want advice, and royalty will want to inquire into special dispensation or powers the Pope may secretly have.

In short, the announcement will mean a lot of WORK for anyone who might be caught as Pope during this time.  It is not in this Pope’s nature to be that person. If anyone thinks this all seems to be fulfilling Saint Malachy’s predictions on the last Pope, we agree! The Catholic Church is already in trouble, a trend started even before all the pedophile scandals.

The faithful have long suspected the Third Fatima secret was about the End Times and will resent the obvious lies by the Church elite. It is not just the earthquakes that will ravage Italy and the world during the passage that will end the Church. It will be their failure to lead.” –


These are some very interesting developments to say the least, and they make a lot of sense as to why the pope would call it quits. Of course the pope isn’t the only person in a position of authority to resign, recently there were CEO’s who also resigned from the companies that they operated.

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Could it be that these CEO”s are also aware of the fast approaching rogue planet, and they don’t want to deal with the chaos that would take place when an announcement is made? The only doubt that we have with Nancy Lieders claim is where these so called “Rumors” are coming from, what is the source? It’s smart to ask questions, because theory can be debated all day long, which is why we attempt to stick with the facts and let our readers decide what is taking place.

With that being said, conspiracy is just much more interesting, so we had to post something about the situation as it peaks interest. Here is an interesting video on Malachy’s Prophecy of this event taking place:



The Solomon island aftershocks continue to plague the area with a 4.9 and a 5.0 earthquake hitting the area on 2/12/2012. Here is a list of earthquakes measuring 5.0 or greater for 2/12/2013 according to the U.S Geological Survey live feed:

M Location
Click event below for details
Lat Lon D
5.0 9km WNW of Lata, Solomon Islands 10.678°S 165.754°E 10.2
5.1 23km ENE of Sungjibaegam, North Korea 41.301°N 129.066°E 1.0
5.2 287km NNE of Ndoi Island, Fiji 18.163°S 177.929°W 526.0

Volcanic Activity 


Kevert is currently not reporting any significant changes in eruptive behavior at the six erupting Kamchatkan volcanoes: Tolbachik, Kliuchevskoi, Bezymianny, Sheveluch, Kizimen, and Karymksy.

Volcanic tremor activity appears to be declining at the Tolbachik volcano, while the Karymsky volcano activity has increased to moderate levels.

Earthquakes are currently shaking the Mount Hood volcano, and the latest sequence at the volcano has so far included a magnitude 1.7 earthquake event. Below the north flank of the Mammoth Mountain volcano in California has experienced earthquakes in the past few days.

There are prolonged exhalations of gas and ash that continue at Popocateptl volcano in Mexico. Today’s seismographs show low levels of volcanic tremor activity and local earthquakes.

The rate of volcanic earthquakes increased at the Concepcion volcano in Nicaragua. Low-level volcanic tremors are also visible on seismograms recorded at the volcano. Volcanic tremor activity also increased overnight at the White Island volcano in the New Zealand region. Small trains of “chugging” earthquakes are apparent on the seismographs recorded at the Tongariro volcano.


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