The earth changes that are taking place in the world today is nothing short of amazing, and “Unprecedented”. Why are we having these extreme weather changes, earthquakes, sinkholes, military build ups, second amendment attacks, false flag events, meteors in the sky, the sun setting in to the North West?

What does all of this mean, and why in the world should we all be prepared with basic essentials to survive these increasing earth changes? In this article we will give you the reason why this extreme weather is taking place, and then provide you with video content that will help you begin the process of preparing for increased earth changes.

Extreme Weather  

Extreme weather has pushed up food prices nationwide and worldwide, along with inflation. On top of causing food prices to increase, the mighty Mississippi, where transportation is needed has also been affected by drought conditions. Just recently, thousands of customers woke up without any power available on Thursday as power crews scrambled to restore services to as many areas as possible.

There were a total of 16,539 power outages around 10 p.m Wednesday, and since the first report, that number has gone down to 5,000.One of the biggest concerns that is not talked about much in the mainstream news media is how these extreme weather changes will affect the amount of food available.

For most people, it is always believed that food will be available for you to purchase at your local grocery store, however, a recent report from says otherwise. Time Benton, who is a professor of ecology at the University of Leeds and head of the Uk’s Global Food Partner ship had this to say,quote:

“The probability of extreme weather to the extent that it will destroy any local agricultural production is increasing, very, very, rapidly,”

“That is quite frightening because plants and production systems are adapted to produce food under normal climates. If the climate continues to change, we will get to the point where this will simply fall apart.-


There was a massive storm system that generated tornadoes as well as dangerous winds that flipped over cars on Georgia’s interstate, and demolished homes and businesses and killed at least two people.

Here is video footage of the storm system below:


What is causing this extreme weather? Many mainstream media sources will blame the extreme weather changes on man made C02 or global warming. However, there is growing evidence that the earth is indeed cooling not warming, and that we are headed for the next great ice age. A recent article highlights this point, quote:

“Check out the 20th century temperature record, and you will find that its up and down pattern does not follow the industrial revolution’s upward march of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), which is the supposed central culprit for man caused global warming (and has been much, much higher in the past).  It follows instead the up and down pattern of naturally caused climate cycles.

For example, temperatures dropped steadily from the late 1940s to the late 1970s.  The popular press was even talking about a coming ice age.  Ice ages have cyclically occurred roughly every 10,000 years, with a new one actually due around now.”

Read more at:

So if man made global warming is not to blame for the earth changes that are taking place, then what else could potentially cause extreme cold, tornadoes, heat conditions, rain, drought, and flooding?

Earth’s Wobble

Here is video proof of the earth’s wobble:


Here is yet another video showing that the earth has a wobble:


What is causing the earth to wobble? This is a hot debated topic that has caused a lot of controversy over the last couple of  years. But one thing that cannot be debated, and that is, something in space is causing the earth to wobble and here is the video that proves that fact:


There are some things that can be debated, but one thing that cannot be debated is the recent string of 6.0 earthquakes that have shook the earth, the tornado out breaks that recently wreaked havoc, the flooding taking place in Jakarta Indonesia, parts of Africa, Florida, Louisiana, Australia, and several other countries.

Here is a video to help start your journey into preparing for the worst, and hoping for the best:


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