On April 1, 2015 a magnitude 4.0 earthquake struck on the New Madrid Seismic zone, and a 3.7 earthquake  in San Francisco Bay California with violent shaking felt.

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Make no mistake about it, the entire north american plate is under great stress because recently there was a large 7.7 which struck along the Indo-Australian plate in P.N.G(Papua New Guinea).

As mentioned before, when large earthquakes happen along the Indo-Australian plate there are usually earthquakes which take place on the North American plate because of plates ricochet.

In the past few weeks we have seen several earthquakes in strange places, all the way up to Illinois in the U.S.A.

We have tracked the New Madrid seismic zone ,and a 4.0+ or greater earthquake has not occurred since February 28th 2011, 11 days before the japan earthquake and tsunami event. 

We are not saying something is going to happen in 11 days , but we do find that simple fact interesting. Are we in store for large earthquake events starting 11 days from now?

Granted, there have been a total of two 3.9 earthquakes  since 2011 according the usgs data feed, but we have not exactly had a 4.0 or higher earthquake in the new madrid Siesmic Zone since 2011.

Watch April 12 – 14th 2015 closely, once again, this is not to say something is for sure going to happen just watch this time for potential large earthquake events 6.0 or higher because we could be looking at a pattern.

The Convergence

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There are several things that are converging at this moment in time, there are the Jade Helm military drills set to begin in July and end in September 2015. September 28th 2015 the last blood moon Tetrad will occur, which happens just days after climate chaos is to be avoided.

As mentioned earlier, what’s interesting about what the french foreign ministers statement is that climate chaos is already happening so what would be so bad that it has to be avoided after September?

Jade Helm will be a creepy time, but in the Mississippi area we are already hearing and seeing large black helicopters flying in the evening and mainly at night and strange sounds. In our view Jade Helm has already begun, and this could be drills being run for when the bad times come.

For those in doubt that the climate is extreme or that it is chaotic please watch this latest video from Hawkeye Davis:

Update On The Skies

Lately it has been very difficult to view hardly anything in the western sky at sunset time, the same place where the strange objects as well as blood red sky has occurred. You can clearly see fake clouds being sprayed with a red glow coming from behind the clouds.

Here are some recent photo’s despite all of the suppression currently taking place in our skies:



As we take this photo we are facing directly west and the sun is setting just right in between the trees. and we can see a reddish light source north-west.

 Here we can clearly see the reddish sky as we are facing directly west.


In the above photo you can clearly see the blanket of fake clouds that don’t move very much at all, facing west.


Eerie sunset facing west at sunset time, and you can see more fake clouds around the sun.

tesla clouds

This was a wavy fake cloud formation that looks like a H.A.A.R.P induced cloud but we don’t have any other evidence but visual, you decide.

This is why it has become so difficult to view the sunsets, as the situation just doesn’t allow us to see the western skies consistently anymore. The sky has never been covered  as much as it is at the moment and apparently there is something out that is being covered.

Things will be getting very interesting in the coming months and weeks, and preparedness is the most important topic at the present time, so we’ll close with a helpful preparedness YouTube channel.

Remember, if you are ready for the worst there is nothing to fear:





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  1. ..The Largest EQ will happen in Pacific plate (Vanuatu) on next year,cz this place as one’s of the biggest methane camber, we talking about 8+MMI. this month indicated several med-hi quakes levels. There will be a year where the quakes as the most our threatening, very unstable all plates on earth, if you feel it, better you see my instructions on my G+, it’s not a game, it’s not a practice cz what you’ll see & feel are not a dreams..