Visually, it is no question about it, planet x is increasingly generating red/orange/pink dusty skies, in the morning at sunset. You will even witness longer than normal sunsets with the skies being heavily sprayed with chemical trails to try to cover planet x.

On top of the visual evidence in the sky, we see the increased police forces now on American streets, with the latest news from Ferguson Missouri,  showing National  Guards remaining in the area long after the protest have ended.

This is most likely in anticipation for a New Madrid earthquake in MO, and neighboring states, following the 7 of 10 sequence of events.

As planet x approaches watch for more events as we have witnessed in Missouri, and also watch for a large event to bring in martial law before the announcement to keep the situation under control.

What most do not understand is that there is a long list of geological events which have occurred in earths history, which have taken place suddenly, and created the mountains we all see today.


When looking at the animals at  Siwalik, there must have been a great force which carried these animals and deposited them at the feet of the Himalayas. Many of these animals have been found with layers of ash on top of them, and with red dusty deposits made of nickel and iron, which is the main element in meteors ( see Earth in Upheaval By Immanuel Velikovsky).

The evidence is there, the earth changes there on a global scale, with other planets in our solar system also experiencing warming. But the question remains, when will there be an official announcement? and will it be later than sooner?

Looks like there already has been an un-official announcement, with the french minister stating that we have 500 days to climate chaos, and other pre-announcements with the discovery channel  and weather channel speaking of rogue planets, and the wealthy selling their real estate in flood prone areas.

The truth is, the mainstream media will try to cover up planet x until it finally passes through our solar system. Did you know that there was an article which actually suggested that the giant crack in Mexico was no big deal? Nothing to worry about?

“It’s definitely not a cause for alarm for the population,” Martin Moreno, the head of National Autonomous University of Mexico’s Regional Station” –source

What mr Moreno fails to realize is the global impact these earth changing events, as highlighted on our 2013-2014 earth changes map below:

This is only a small portion of the events that are taking place, and it’s getting difficult to keep up with the landslides and train derailments.

Let’s talk earth changes shall we …


bardabunga, volcano,

Earthquakes & Volcanoes – A magnitude 5.4 earthquake took place in Iceland today at a depth of 2 kilometers. Iceland’s Bardabunga volcano is currently being monitored closely by geologists, as thousands of earthquakes have taken place in the area. Judging by the earthquakes taking place at the volcano, this area should be watched closely be residents living nearby.

Drought Conditions



Drought conditions continue to worsen in Jamaica and could last until Next may. Just over the past few months severe

heat and drought have caused several brush fires and seriously affected agriculture in the area. source

Gas Explosions


3 Were injured in Taiyuan as three people were injured in a gas explosion in their apartment. At the current time, an investigation is pending on what took place in this event. Another gas explosion took place in in Montreal destroying a shopping centre in Mont St Hilaire Monday morning.




The national Guard in Madinah Saudi Arabia has reported a massive gas explosion, with a number of people who have

died in the blast. source



Devastating landslides have been affecting Nepal as of late, with three of four people being found dead after a landslide event Monday.  Five people were killed and two missing in a landslide where people sustained injuries in Sindhupalchowk district on Monday.

This particular area of India is prone to landslide events, along with the rest of the Iran-Iraq border region. Rains in the area have impacted the area since Wednesday, with a total of 10 people dead in floods.


There are a total of 153 pending fireball reports from the American Meteor Society in the following states and countries:
AL, AR, AZ, CA, DE, GA, IA, IL, IN, KY, MA, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WI & WV and 13 reports from Canada.

Notable comments from this fireball event include:

“Very bright cross the road as I was driving west”

Plant 7x has a fantastic youtube channel filled with years of research and data, and one interesting note we would like to point out to our readers is that the meteor impacts that are projected for the planet 7x/ passage, are being previewed in the exact same area as projected.




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