Many tourists attached plastic bags to their legs in Venice on Sunday as rising sea waters have spiked up through the lagoon city. Water measuring 5 feet above the normal level of the Adriatic sea came with bad weather which swept Italy at the weekend,

which then caused floods in historic cities including Vicenza as well as in the region of Tuscany 250 miles north.

Here is footage of the epic flooding taking place:

Flooding has been an ongoing discussion for those researching information on planet x and catastrophic earth changes. Here is a video from Nancy Lieder and Zeta’s that goes over how different plates will move after the pole shift:

Here is a detailed article that goes of the shifting and ripping that is taking place as we speak (click here to read).

Did Extreme Weather Wipe Out The Mayans?


For many decades, extreme weather crippled, and then decimated the first political culture and later the human population of the ancient Maya, according to a brand new study by an interdisciplinary team of researchers that includes two University of California Davis scientists.

“Here you had an amazing state-level society that had created calendars, magnificent architecture, works of art, and was engaged in trade throughout Central America,” said UC Davis anthropology professor and co-author Bruce Winterhalder. “They were incredible craftspersons, proficient in agriculture, statesmanship and warfare—and within about 80 years, it fell completely apart.” 

To determine what was happening in the sociopolitical realm during each of those years, the study tapped the extensive Maya Hieroglyphic Database Project, run by UC Davis Native American Language Center director and linguist Martha Macri, a specialist in Mayan hieroglyphs who has been tracking the culture’s stone monuments for nearly 30 years. 

“Every one of these Maya monuments is political history,” said Macri.

New Footage Of Planet X Is Not A Lens Flare At All


Easily viewed in the Southern hemisphere, it is becoming more difficult to cover up the obvious. Of course, some will argue that it is a hoax video and a lens flare, but the problem with that theory is that a lens flare wouldn’t move behind the clouds.

Ash Detected At Cleveland’s Volcano

cleveland volcano

On November 10, 2012, Earth-orbiting satellites detected a small ash cloud from Mount Cleveland – otherwise known as Cleveland Volcano – which makes up a large part of a remote and uninhabited island in the east-central Aleutian Island chain. The satellites took note of the small eruption at 11:47 a.m. local time in Alaska (20:47 UTC). –

Here we have yet another active volcano, along with the recent earthquakes taking place in Guatemala, Alaska, Chile, and Costa Rica.

Stay tuned…

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