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Fireball Reports 



23 fireballs to report for 11/14/2013, below is a map of some of the most significant fireball event:



An earthquake swarm was reported in San Ramon California, as there has been a lot of shaking going on in southern contra Costa County. According to seismologist these earthquakes are not precursors or aftershocks, “just a swarm”.

The earthquake swarms have started on October 21st and have been magnitude 2.9 or greater.

An earthquake swarm was reported in San Ramon California, as there has been a lot of

shaking going on in southern contra Costa County. According to seismologist these earthquakes

are not precoursors or aftreshocks, “just a swarm”.
The earthquake swarms have started on October 21st 2.9 or greater.
Other earthquakes:

3.7 Earthquake in Greece 40 KM in depth.

4.8 Southwest Of Sumatra Indonesia

4.8 Off The East Coast OF Honshu Japan

3.6 Earthquake In Turkmenistan
4.7 earthquake in Leyte Phillippines 5 Km in depth

4.8 off the coast of honshu japan 40 Km in depth

4.5 In northern summatra Indonesia

4.8 In southern Sumatra Indonesia 77 km in depth

4.2 In hindu kush region, afghanistan


Another Large Florida Sinkhole 



The devastating sinkholes that have plagued Florida continue to be the story, This time, we have a home, boat, and backyard pool being swallowed, and the sinkhole grew to a staggering 70 feet in width, and 53 feet in depth.

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This just in, 4 additional fireballs have been reported by the american meteor society.

Volcanic Activity

Etna Sicily

The south east crater has decreased in the night ours, weak explosions are occurring at times. Here is video of the volcano below:

Klyuchevskoy Volcano In Kamchatka is active at the time and a ring of steam was produced in the morning hours, video below:

The aso volcano in Kyushu has shown an increase of gas and magmatic intrusion occurring.

Activity is picking up at the Sakurajima volcano in kyushu Japan, video footage below:

The Bagan volcano in Papua new guinea has continued explosions, with a thermal hot spot which was visible on satellite data.

Eruptions are on the rise at the Sinabung volcano in Sumatra Indonesia. Popocatepetl volcano in Central Mexico has remained at stable at low levels. The Cenapred volcano reported 61 weak emissions of mostly steam.

Explosions were reported on the Reventador volcano in Ecuador, video below:

The Jebel Zubair volcano in the red sea has shown gas plumes drifting North East from the new island as well as a discolored water plume extending south.


Power Outage

We have a power outage which affected thousands in Sierra Vista, as crews encountered an arc of electricity forcing them to shut off power.

Article Source:

November the 12th: A massive power outage was reported from Stockton to the San Joaquin county to the San Andreas to the Calaveras County, to the Amador County, and Jackson county

areas, as 98,000 customers in the eastern portion of stockton area all the way up to the foothill region are out of power.

Ison Is Brightening


No one is exactly sure what is happening with comet ison, but it has brightened, and is beginning to look like the blue start kachina of hopi prophecy, then the red star kachina follows the blue star kachina. Here is a video of the hopi prophecy:

 Interesting Article

One of the more interesting articles come to you courtesy of the zetatalk newsletter, which shows a picture of an oarfish which washed ashore a year before the japan

earthquake and tsunami event. According to legend, oarfish act as a bad omen, and now we have the recent reports of oarfish showing up in California.


According to the zetatalk newsletter:

“ZetaTalk Comment 10/26/2013:
We have explained when oarfish were coming to the surface off Japan prior to large quakes in Japan that they were doing so to flee the electromagnetic screech that rock under pressure emits.  What does their appearance off the coast of southern California portend?  For several years, while describing the 7 of 10 plate movements and the pressure these movements would place upon the continents, we have described the N America bow. The center of this bow is approximately San Diego, ie southern California!  The N American Plate abuts the Pacific Plate at this point, with no minor plate to absorb the pressure. The Pacific is compressing, under continuous pressure to do so, and N America is bowing, in an unrelenting and increasing manner. For the oarfish in the area, there is no escape! They come up from the deep and while on the surface, get caught in wave action that impels them to the beach.” –

Very interesting article, highly recommended for those who are researching planet x/niburu.



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